Dialog Axiata PLC (hereinafter referred to as "Dialog" "us" "we" or "our") is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with any applicable data protection and privacy laws when providing the Mobile Connect service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). We are providing this Privacy Policy Statement to help you understand how we collect, use and protect your information when you sign up for the Service and use the Service to access 3rd party websites and applications. We wish to help you make informed decisions, so please take a few moments to read the sections below and learn how we may use your personal information.

  1. Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is offered by Dialog Axiata PLC
  2. What is Mobile Connect
    1. Mobile Connect is a user identity solution that allows you to securely login to any third party website or an application using your mobile phone to authenticate the login transaction.
    2. With Mobile Connect your mobile phone number (hereinafter referred to as the "MSISDN") is used as the primary user identifier and your mobile phone is used as the authentication device.
    3. Dialog Connect: - Login service provided by Dialog for its customers to login to web portals provided by Dialog using a single username and a password.
  3. How Mobile Connect works
    1. Connect account is created for you on following scenarios;
      1. You already have a Dialog Connect account and have attached a Mobile Connection to your Dialog Connect account
      2. You create a Dialog Connect account and add a Mobile Connection under Dialog Connect account
      3. You have used anonymous login or option provided in Dialog Connect integrated web portal/application
      4. You are trying to login to a Mobile Connect integrated website/application by clicking on Mobile Connect button provided and create a Mobile Connect account during the login process by accepting these T&C
      5. You visit Mobile Connect user portal provided by Dialog and chose to create a Mobile Connect account.
    2. You only need to provide your MSISDN (Mobile Phone Number) if Connect registration is done using above step 3.1.4 or 3.1.5
    3. After you provide the MSISDN you will receive a network initiated (NI) USSD menu on your phone where you have to validate account creation.
    4. Mobile Connect uses two modes to get your authorization to a login request
      1. You select Ok from the NI USSD menu
      2. You enter Your Mobile Connect PIN on the NI USSD menu.
    5. You are prompted to create your Mobile Connect PIN number either during the registering to Mobile Connect account or during login to a service provider which needs PIN authentication
    6. The Mobile Connect PIN is a four digit number, and it is your responsibility to keep it confidential and Dialog shall not be liable for any unauthorized access to your Mobile Connect account due to any disclosure of your PIN. Dialog does not store/recored the PIN number in human readable form and it will be stored as an encrypted string and therefore the PIN will not be disclosed to any third party by Dialog.
    7. You shall not create Mobile Connect accounts using the MSISDNs of shared devices such as dongles and 3G routers, etc., due to the reason a third party that is using the shared connection, can have access to your Mobile Connect account through the shared devices.
    8. In an event you have forgotten the PIN or wants to reset the PIN, you can reset your PIN from Mobile Connect User portal or by calling Dialog support Services.
  4. Information collection
    1. For Mobile Connect accounts created using steps 3.1.3, 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 only information stored about you is your MSISDN.
    2. For Mobile Connect accounts created using steps 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 all the information you have updated on your profile are stored in Mobile Connect system
    3. You can view the information we have stored about you from your Mobile Connect profile page.
  5. Using Mobile Connect to login to 3rd party applications/web sites
  6. We will undertake not to share your phone number with anyone or disclose your personal information with anyone unless you choose to and give your active consent.
  7. Please note that Dialog does not sell or pass your personal information to third parties (other than as set out in the paragraph above) unless you have given us permission or unless it is necessary to deliver the Services to you. Also make sure you read and understand the privacy policy of the 3rd party, you are login before giving your consent to sharing information with them via Mobile Connect.
  8. Protecting your privacy in Lost phone /SIM Swap and SIM cloning scenarios
    1. With the Service, your identity is bonded to your mobile phone number (MSISDN). So your privacy can be compromised if you lose your phone, or swap SIM cards (either by you or by a malicious party), or a SIM cloning scenario
    2. If you lose your phone, please deactivate your Mobile Connect account by calling Dialog customer support.
    3. You can review third party sites/applications that you have logged into in the past using by accessing login history section of your Mobile Connect user portal. Make a habit of checking this information time to time as it could help you to identify if someone is miss using your Mobile Connect account. If you see suspected login transactions and wish to deactivate your Mobile Connect account you can do it by calling Dialog customer service hotline
  9. Use of Cookies
    1. Mobile Connect may store your mobile phone number that you have provided (during registration or login using Mobile Connect) on a browser cookie to provide better user experience.
  10. Information security
    1. Dialog recognizes that you are increasingly concerned about how to protect personal information from misuse and abuse and about privacy in general. We are constantly reviewing and enhancing our technical, physical and managerial procedures and rules to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss and / or destruction. We use industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology for example, to encrypt sensitive information. Please be aware that communications over the Internet, such as emails/webmails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may route through a number of countries before being delivered - this is the nature of the World Wide Web/Internet. We cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.
  11. When this privacy policy applies
    1. This privacy policy only applies to the information you share directly with us. If any of the 3rd party is requesting additional information from you after you login with Mobile Connect, make sure you read the privacy policy of that party before sharing your information.
  12. Changes
    1. Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of privacy policy changes). We will also keep prior versions of this Privacy Policy in an archive for your review.